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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Icon Man: Mark VII - Customize your folder icons easily

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Icon  Man  [Icon Manager]  is the ultimate tool for  customize  your  movies, series, games, and music  folders to  become more  awesome. This tool  automatically  replace  your  folder   icons  with  posters from various online databases.

We hope this tool will help you to customize your folder icons much more easily than before.

  • Mark I
    • 2 Databases : IMDb and TMDb
    • Poster preview
    • .jpg and.ico file automatically hidden
    • Clear all .jpg, .ico, and .ini files
    • Etc.
  •  Mark II
    •  Fix cmd.exe
  • Mark III
    • Update TMDb for movies folder "Collcetion"
      • Ex: 300 (Collection) | The Avengers (Collection)
    • Search include subfolders
    • Update attribute files
    • Update icons resource
  • Mark IV
    • Add Indonesian Movies Databases
    • Add registration menu
    • Fix internet connection
  • Mark V
    • Add support for TV Series
    • Remember last folder selected
  • Mark VI
    • Add anime database from MyAnimeList
    • Add option for movie "Collection"
    • Add option to remove item (folder) from list
    • Add reset setting for one item (folder) (clear .ico .jpg .ini files)
    • Fix IMDb
  • Mark VII
    • Add support for Games Icon
    • Add IGDb (Internet Game Database)
    • Add Live Supports
    • Fix IMDb and MyAnimeList
    • Update GUI
  • Mxyzptlk

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Monday, 5 October 2015

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Video Tutorial Replace Music In PES 2015

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Tutorial Replace Music In PES 2015

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This is simple tutorial showing how to replace sound file with your own music.

mod can formatting this text for better viewing, I dont have a time for this.

HowTo: create .hca sound file and inject it to the .awb file
Example: change menu song

Step I

1. Use CRI PACKED FILE MAKER to extract files from dt40.cpk

2. Open folder where you extracted dt40.cpk files and search:
…/common/menu/awb/BGM.awb – All .hca menu music files is in this file
…/common/menu/playlist/Playlist.xml – play list where you can change song name and artist

3. Use quickbms.exe and script to extract .hca files from BGM.awb file
Simply copy script text, past to notepad and save as .txt
Open quickbms.exe:
- in first window select script saved as .txt file
- in second window select BGM.awb file
-in third window create folder where you want extract all .hca files from BGM.awb
When quickbms finish, click enter to close application.

4. Open folder where quickbms extracted files from BGM.awb and you see multiple .hca files.
In this example I will replace 00000002.hca song

5. Download and unpack HCA_decoder:
In this .zip you will find HCA Decoder ver. 1.12 – unpack and use this version

6. Simply drag&drop original 00000002.hca file to hca.exe
Hca_decoder will convert 00000002.hca file to 00000002.wav file
Now you can use media player to listen this song. This song is: Wilkinson – Afterglow

In next step we will replace this song with our own song: my_song.mp3


Step II

1. Download PES Media Converter v2.00 by 1002:

2. Using Pes media converter, convert my_song.mp3 to .adx format
You should get my_song.adx file.

Important: Size of your new file(my_song.adx) can`t be bigger than file you will replace(00000002.hca). So, if 00000002.hca size is: 7098KB, your new file size must be equal or less than 7098KB

3. Change extension and name from my_song.adx to 00000002.hca

4. Open folder where quickbms extracted files from BGM.awb and you see multiple .hca files. Replace original song 00000002.hca with our new song 00000002.hca
Delete all other .hca files in this folder and leave only your new file 00000002.hca

5. Open folder with quickbms program, run reimport.bat and inject your new 00000002.hca into BGM.awb
-in first window select scripts
-in secondo window select BGM.awb
-in third window go to folder where your new file 00000002.hca is

6. Wait for finish reimporting.

7. Open folder where you extracted dt40.cpk files and search:
Open Playlist.xml in notepad and edit title and artist and save change.

8. Use CRI PACKED FILE MAKER to pack all files extracted from dt40.cpk
You can create new dt40.cpk and replace old dt40.cpk in …/pes2015/data/ folder, or you can try to make new .cpk and paste it in download folder and edit DPFileList(I don`t test it in this way).

9. Run the game.

It`s important to remember all .hca files that you editet, becouse when you reimport .hca file with quickbms to BGM.awb, quickbms change extension from .hca to .dat. And I dont know how to reopen that file. Hca_decode wont work for file converted to .adx. Hca_decode work only with original unchanched .hca files.

Tutorial by Pirat-PL

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

[PES 2015 PC] Tutorial Edit DpFileList.bin

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Friday, 4 July 2014

Add-On Timnas Indonesia for Pesedit 4.4

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Tutorial :
  1. Pastinya install dulu PES 2014 
  2. Pasang DLC 2.0 + 5.0 + 7.0 (kalo udah ada, skip )
  3. Install Pesedit 4.4 (kalo udah terpasang sebaiknya inul peseditnya dulu menghindari terjadi bug dan lain-lain)
  4. Pasang crack 1.16 
  5. Bakcup file Edit.bin & DpFileList.bin
  6. Copy DLC Timnas "riefwhiz.cpk" dan file "DpFileList.bin" ke
    • C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download (tanpa fileloader)
    • C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download (pake fileloader)
  7. Copy "Edit.bin" ke
    • Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\save 

note : harus terinstall DLC 7.0 
credit :  riefwhiz, zimon, bayutop, moozyedogawa, nugraha aji

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tutorial Cara Install World Challenge + DLC 7.0 + FileLoader

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Tutorial Cara Install World Challenge (Patch 1.16) + DLC 7.0 + FileLoader :

Thanks to Pat, rasyidboyo, jepara1979

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Monday, 7 October 2013

PES 2014 Music Converter by Ginda01

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-  Edit the file playlist.xml with the name of the song and the author: 
  • Download the file playlist 
  • Open with notepad and edited to make it with your titles and authors.
-  Enter the files in the game:
  • Copy and paste the file playlist.xml within: FileLoader/pes14_snd/common/playlist. (If you don't have the playlist folder create yourself).
- Very important !!
  • Edit pes2014.ini and add SongLoader.dll to [plugin]
dll = Lodmixer.dll
dll = Speeder.dll
dll = KitLoader.dll
dll = SongLoader.dll

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Friday, 30 August 2013

PES 2014 Face Texture Tutorial by Emre Kaya

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Cara Membuat Start Screen by Ginda01

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cara Relink Face ML & BAL by Ginda01

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Cara Membuat Game Plan Photo by Ginda01

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Cara Membuat Sub Menu by Ginda01

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Cara Membuat Icon Menu by Ginda01

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Cara Masang Kits di GDB Folder

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Alat : PES 2013 Editor v2.0 by w!ld@

Semoga tutorial singkat ini bermanfaat.

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Cara Buat Manager ML Memakai Polo/Jaket

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Ini ada sedikit tips buat yang mau Manager ML nya memakai polo..
  1. Copy unnamed_361 ke dalam folder dt09.img 
  2. Download salah satu polo yang ada di disini
  3. Copy unnamed_351 ke dt09.img
  4. Copy sekali lagi unnamed_351 ke dt09.img, sebelumnya rename dulu unnamed_351 menjadi   unnamed_363
Kalau mau Manajer ML nya memakai jaket..
  1. Copy unnamed_361 ke dalam folder dt09.img
  2. Download salah satu jaket yang ada disini
  3. Copy unnamed_351 ke dt09.img
  4. Copy sekali lagi unnamed_352 ke dt09.img, sebelumnya rename dulu unnamed_352 menjadi   unnamed_363
Semoga tutorial ini bermanfaat.

nb: unnamed_361 yang ada di polo beda dengan yang ada di jaket, jadi pilih salah satu mau make polo/jaket.

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Cara Ganti Lagu di PES 2013

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Buat kalian yang bosan sama lagu bawaan PES2013, dan mau membuat list lagu kalian sendiri, ini ada map nya...

Copy teks diatas ke notepad, simpan dangan nama songs. Lalu letakkan di Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\kitserver13\pesedit.

Masukkan lagu ke dt02.img didalam kitserver. Format lagu nya adalah ADX, jadi jika kalian masih punya lagu berformat MP3, convert dulu pake PES 2013 Sound File Converter

 Semoga tutorial sinkat ini bermanfaat.

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

PES 2013 Editing Files

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Buat yang suka ngedit2 file PES 2013, ini ada map nya...
unnamed_1: Manual shot/pass icon
unnamed_2: Classic Ball
unnamed_3: Plain Ball
unnamed_4: WE-PES '00 Ball
unnamed_5: WE-PES '30 Ball
unnamed_6: WE-PES '40 Ball
unnamed_7: WE-PES '50 Ball
unnamed_8: WE-PES '60 Ball
unnamed_9: WE-PES 2002 Ball
unnamed_10: WE-PES 2003 Ball
unnamed_11: WE-PES 2007 Ball
unnamed_12: WE-PES 2008 Ball
unnamed_13: WE-PES 2009 Claw Ball
unnamed_14: WE-PES 2010 Ball
unnamed_15: WE-PES 2011 Ball
unnamed_16: WE-PES 2012 Ball
unnamed_17: WE-PES 2013 Ball
unnamed_18: Adidas Predator White Ball
unnamed_19: Adidas Predator Blue Ball
unnamed_20: Adidas Finale Powerorange Ball
unnamed_21: Adidas Finale 2012 Ball
unnamed_22: Adidas Europa League 2012 Ball
unnamed_23: Adidas UEFA Supercup 2012 Ball
unnamed_24: Adidas Ligue1 2012 Ball
unnamed_25: Nike Maxim Ball
unnamed_26: Nike Seitiro Libertadores Ball
unnamed_27: Nike Maxim Liga Ball
unnamed_28: Puma PWR-C 1 Ball
unnamed_29: Puma Evospeed 3 Ball
unnamed_30: Umbro Neo 2 Professional Ball
unnamed_31: Adidas Finale Milano 2001 Ball
unnamed_32: Adidas Finale Instanbul 2005 Ball
unnamed_33: Adidas Finale Roma 2009 Ball
unnamed_34: Adidas Finale Wembley 2011 Ball
unnamed_35: Ball Cursor

unnamed 2166-2169 : England Font
unnamed 3190-3193 : England Numbers
unnamed 2182-2185 : Portugal Font
unnamed 3206-3209 : Portugal Numbers
unnamed 2174-2177 : Italy Font
unnamed 3198-3201 : Italy Numbers
unnamed 2938-2941 : Germany Font
unnamed 3962-3965 : Germany Numbers
unnamed_6206: WE Heritage Black boots
unnamed_6207: Adidas Predator LZ White/Pink boots
unnamed_6208: Adidas Adizero Orange/Blue boots
unnamed_6209: Adidas Adizero White/Lime boots
unnamed_6210: Adidas Adipure White/Blue boots
unnamed_6211: Nike CTR 360 Clash White/Blue boots
unnamed_6212: Nike Vapor Clash White/Red boots
unnamed_6213: Nike Tiempo Clash White/Black boots
unnamed_6214: Nike T90 Laser Clash White/Green boots
unnamed_6215: Puma Power Cat 1.12 White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6216: Puma King 1.12 White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6217: Puma Evospeed White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6218: Umbro Speciali Black boots
unnamed_6219: Umbro GT Purple boots
unnamed_6220: Umbro Geometra White/Blue boots
unnamed_6221: Mizuno Wave Ignitus Red/Black boots
unnamed_6222: Mizuno Supersonic Wave Black/Yellow boots
unnamed_6223: Mizuno Morelia Neo Black/Red boots
unnamed_6224: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6225: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6226: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6227: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6228: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6229: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6230: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6231: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6232: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6233: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6234: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6235: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6236: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6256: WE Heritage Black boots
unnamed_6257: Adidas Predator LZ White/Pink boots
unnamed_6258: Adidas Adizero Orange/Blue boots
unnamed_6259: Adidas Adizero White/Lime boots
unnamed_6260: Adidas Adipure White/Blue boots
unnamed_6261: Nike CTR 360 Clash White/Blue boots
unnamed_6262: Nike Vapor Clash White/Red boots
unnamed_6263: Nike Tiempo Clash White/Black boots
unnamed_6264: Nike T90 Laser Clash White/Green boots
unnamed_6265: Puma Power Cat 1.12 White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6266: Puma King 1.12 White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6267: Puma Evospeed White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6268: Umbro Speciali Black boots
unnamed_6269: Umbro GT Purple boots
unnamed_6270: Umbro Geometra White/Blue boots
unnamed_6271: Mizuno Wave Ignitus Red/Black boots
unnamed_6272: Mizuno Supersonic Wave Black/Yellow boots
unnamed_6273: Mizuno Morelia Neo Black/Red boots
unnamed_6274: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6275: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6276: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6277: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6278: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6279: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6280: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6281: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6282: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6283: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6284: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6285: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6286: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6306: WE Heritage Black Brand
unnamed_6307: Adidas Predator LZ White/Pink Brand
unnamed_6308: Adidas Adizero Orange/Blue Brand
unnamed_6309: Adidas Adizero White/Lime Brand
unnamed_6310: Adidas Adipure White/Blue Brand
unnamed_6311: Nike CTR 360 Clash White/Blue Brand
unnamed_6312: Nike Vapor Clash White/Red Brand
unnamed_6313: Nike Tiempo Clash White/Black Brand
unnamed_6314: Nike T90 Laser Clash White/Green Brand
unnamed_6315: Puma Power Cat 1.12 White/Red/Blue Brand
unnamed_6316: Puma King 1.12 White/Red/Blue Brand
unnamed_6317: Puma Evospeed White/Red/Blue Brand
unnamed_6318: Umbro Speciali Black Brand
unnamed_6319: Umbro GT Purple Brand
unnamed_6320: Umbro Geometra White/Blue Brand
unnamed_6321: Mizuno Wave Ignitus Red/Black Brand
unnamed_6322: Mizuno Supersonic Wave Black/Yellow Brand
unnamed_6323: Mizuno Morelia Neo Black/Red Brand
unnamed_6324: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6325: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6326: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6327: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6333: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6329: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6330: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6331: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6332: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6333: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6334: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6335: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6336: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6356: boots preview
unnamed_6360: Czech Republic GK kits
unnamed_6361: Czech Republic Home and Away kits
unnamed_6362: England GK kits
unnamed_6363: England Home and Away kits
unnamed_6364: France GK kits
unnamed_6365: France Home and Away kits
unnamed_6366: Italy GK kits
unnamed_6367: Italy Home and Away kits
unnamed_6368: Pescara GK kits
unnamed_6369: Pescara Home and Away kits
unnamed_6370: Portugal GK kits
unnamed_6371: Portugal Home and Away kits
unnamed_6372: Spain GK kits
unnamed_6373: Spain Home and Away kits
unnamed_6374: Sweden GK kits
unnamed_6375: Sweden Home and Away kits
unnamed_6376: Atalanta GK kits
unnamed_6377: Atalanta Home and Away kits
unnamed_6378: Siena GK kits
unnamed_6379: Siena Home and Away kits
unnamed_6380: Japan GK kits
unnamed_6381: Japan Home and Away kits
unnamed_6382: Nautico GK kits
unnamed_6383: Nautico Home and Away kits
unnamed_6384: Australia GK kits
unnamed_6385: Australia Home and Away kits
unnamed_6386: Ireland GK kits
unnamed_6387: Ireland Home and Away kits
unnamed_6390: RKC Waalwijk GK kits
unnamed_6391: RKC Waalwijk Home and Away kits
unnamed_6392: Barcelona GK kits
unnamed_6393: Barcelona Home and Away kits
unnamed_6394: Olympique Lyonnais GK kits
unnamed_6395: Olympique Lyonnais Home and Away kits
unnamed_6396: Stade Rennais GK kits
unnamed_6397: Stade Rennais Home and Away kits
unnamed_6398: Levante GK kits
unnamed_6399: Levante Home and Away kits
unnamed_6400: Sochaux GK kits
unnamed_6401: Sochaux Home and Away kits
unnamed_6402: Troyes GK kits
unnamed_6403: Troyes Home and Away kits
unnamed_6404: Girondins de Bordeaux GK kits
unnamed_6405: Girondins de Bordeaux Home and Away kits
unnamed_6406: Willem II GK kits
unnamed_6407: Willem II Home and Away kits
unnamed_6408: Porto GK kits
unnamed_6409: Porto Home and Away kits
unnamed_6410: Bahia GK kits
unnamed_6411: Bahia Home and Away kits
unnamed_6412: FC Inter GK kits
unnamed_6413: FC Inter Home and Away kits
unnamed_6414: AS Nancy GK kits
unnamed_6415: AS Nancy Home and Away kits
unnamed_6416: Sao Paulo GK kits
unnamed_6417: Sao Paulo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6418: FC Lorient GK kits
unnamed_6419: FC Lorient Home and Away kits
unnamed_6420: Botafogo GK kits
unnamed_6421: Botafogo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6422: Olympique Marseille GK kits
unnamed_6423: Olympique Marseille Home and Away kits
unnamed_6424: Montpellier GK kits
unnamed_6425: Montpellier Home and Away kits
unnamed_6426: Coritiba GK kits
unnamed_6427: Coritiba Home and Away kits
unnamed_6428: Figueirense GK kits
unnamed_6429: Figueirense Home and Away kits
unnamed_6430: Sampdoria GK kits
unnamed_6431: Sampdoria Home and Away kits
unnamed_6432: Cagliari GK kits
unnamed_6433: Cagliari Home and Away kits
unnamed_6434: Catania GK kits
unnamed_6435: Catania Home and Away kits
unnamed_6436: Flamengo GK kits
unnamed_6437: Flamengo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6438: Chievo Verona GK kits
unnamed_6439: Chievo Verona Home and Away kits
unnamed_6440: Fiorentina GK kits
unnamed_6441: Fiorentina Home and Away kits
unnamed_6442: SL Benfica GK kits
unnamed_6443: SL Benfica Home and Away kits
unnamed_6444: Juventus GK kits
unnamed_6445: Juventus Home and Away kits
unnamed_6446: Nice GK kits
unnamed_6447: Nice Home and Away kits
unnamed_6448: Napoli GK kits
unnamed_6449: Napoli Home and Away kits
unnamed_6450: Vasco Da Gama GK kits
unnamed_6451: Vasco Da Gama Home and Away kits
unnamed_6452: PSG Paris Saint Germain GK kits
unnamed_6453: PSG Paris Saint Germain Home and Away kits
unnamed_6454: Parma GK kits
unnamed_6455: Parma Home and Away kits
unnamed_6456: Stade Brestois 29 GK kits
unnamed_6457: Stade Brestois 29 Home and Away kits
unnamed_6458: AS Roma GK kits
unnamed_6459: AS Roma Home and Away kits
unnamed_6460: FC Twente GK kits
unnamed_6461: FC Twente Home and Away kits
unnamed_6462: Udinese GK kits
unnamed_6463: Udinese Home and Away kits
unnamed_6464: Saint Etienne GK kits
unnamed_6465: Saint Etienne Home and Away kits
unnamed_6466: Ajax GK kits
unnamed_6467: Ajax Home and Away kits
unnamed_6468: Real Madrid GK kits
unnamed_6469: Real Madrid Home and Away kits
unnamed_6470: Ado Den Haag GK kits
unnamed_6471: Ado Den Haag Home and Away kits
unnamed_6472: Valencia GK kits
unnamed_6473: Valencia Home and Away kits
unnamed_6474: AZ Alkmaar GK kits
unnamed_6475: AZ Alkmaar Home and Away kits
unnamed_6476: Club Brugge GK kits
unnamed_6477: Club Brugge Home and Away kits
unnamed_6478: Feyenoord GK kits
unnamed_6479: Feyenoord Home and Away kits
unnamed_6480: Cluj GK kits
unnamed_6481: Cluj Home and Away kits
unnamed_6482: SC Heerenveen GK kits
unnamed_6483: SC Heerenveen Home and Away kits
unnamed_6484: Heracles GK kits
unnamed_6485: Heracles Home and Away kits
unnamed_6486: NAC Breda GK kits
unnamed_6487: NAC Breda Home and Away kits
unnamed_6488: FC Groningen GK kits
unnamed_6489: FC Groningen Home and Away kits
unnamed_6490: NEC Nijmegen GK kits
unnamed_6491: NEC Nijmegen Home and Away kits
unnamed_6492: PSV Eindhoven GK kits
unnamed_6493: PSV Eindhoven Home and Away kits
unnamed_6494: Roda JC GK kits
unnamed_6495: Roda JC Home and Away kits
unnamed_6496: Torino FC GK kits
unnamed_6497: Torino FC Home and Away kits
unnamed_6498: Palmeiras GK kits
unnamed_6499: Palmeiras Home and Away kits
unnamed_6500: Utrecht FC GK kits
unnamed_6501: Utrecht FC Home and Away kits
unnamed_6502: Toulouse FC GK kits
unnamed_6503: Toulouse FC Home and Away kits
unnamed_6504: VVV Venlo GK kits
unnamed_6505: VVV Venlo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6506: Spartak Moscow GK kits
unnamed_6507: Spartak Moscow Home and Away kits
unnamed_6508: Wisla Krakow GK kits
unnamed_6509: Wisla Krakow Home and Away kits
unnamed_6510: Lille Metropole GK kits
unnamed_6511: Lille Metropole Home and Away kits
unnamed_6512: Malaga GK kits
unnamed_6513: Malaga Home and Away kits
unnamed_6514: Manchester United GK kits
unnamed_6515: Manchester United Home and Away kits
unnamed_6516: Espanyol GK kits
unnamed_6517: Espanyol Home and Away kits
unnamed_6518: Mallorca GK kits
unnamed_6519: Mallorca Home and Away kits
unnamed_6520: Celta Vigo GK kits
unnamed_6521: Celta Vigo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6522: Getafe GK kits
unnamed_6523: Getafe Home and Away kits
unnamed_6524: Deportivo la Coruna GK kits
unnamed_6525: Deportivo la Coruna Home and Away kits
unnamed_6526: Valladolid GK kits
unnamed_6527: Valladolid Home and Away kits
unnamed_6528: AC Milan GK kits
unnamed_6529: AC Milan Home and Away kits
unnamed_6530: Real Zaragoza GK kits
unnamed_6531: Real Zaragoza Home and Away kits
unnamed_6532: Olympiakos GK kits
unnamed_6533: Olympiakos Home and Away kits
unnamed_6534: Fluminense GK kits
unnamed_6535: Fluminense Home and Away kits
unnamed_6536: Panathinaikos GK kits
unnamed_6537: Panathinaikos Home and Away kits
unnamed_6538: Corinthians GK kits
unnamed_6539: Corinthians Home and Away kits
unnamed_6540: Atletico Madrid GK kits
unnamed_6541: Atletico Madrid Home and Away kits
unnamed_6542: Schalke 04 GK kits
unnamed_6543: Schalke 04 Home and Away kits
unnamed_6544: Rayo Vallecano de Madrid GK kits
unnamed_6545: Rayo Vallecano de Madrid Home and Away kits
unnamed_6546: Anderlecht GK kits
unnamed_6547: Anderlecht Home and Away kits
unnamed_6548: Gremio GK kits
unnamed_6549: Gremio Home and Away kits
unnamed_6550: AEK Athens GK kits
unnamed_6551: AEK Athens Home and Away kits
unnamed_6552: Lazio GK kits
unnamed_6553: Lazio Home and Away kits
unnamed_6554: SC Bastia GK kits
unnamed_6555: SC Bastia Home and Away kits
unnamed_6556: Cruzeiro GK kits
unnamed_6557: Cruzeiro Home and Away kits
unnamed_6558: Dinamo Zagreb GK kits
unnamed_6559: Dinamo Zagreb Home and Away kits
unnamed_6560: Sporting Club Lisbona GK kits
unnamed_6561: Sporting Club Lisbona Home and Away kits
unnamed_6562: Sparta Praha GK kits
unnamed_6563: Sparta Praha Home and Away kits
unnamed_6564: Copenaghen FC GK kits
unnamed_6565: Copenaghen FC Home and Away kits
unnamed_6566: Santos GK kits
unnamed_6567: Santos Home and Away kits
unnamed_6568: Galatasaray GK kits
unnamed_6569: Galatasaray Home and Away kits
unnamed_6570: Stade de Reims GK kits
unnamed_6571: Stade de Reims Home and Away kits
unnamed_6572: Croatia GK kits
unnamed_6573: Croatia Home and Away kits
unnamed_6574: Greece GK kits
unnamed_6575: Greece Home and Away kits
unnamed_6576: Associação Atlética Ponte Preta GK kits
unnamed_6577: Associação Atlética Ponte Preta Home and Away kits
unnamed_6578: Associação Portuguesa de Desportos GK kits
unnamed_6579: Associação Portuguesa de Desportos Home and Away kits
unnamed_6580: Valenciennes GK kits
unnamed_6581: Valenciennes Home and Away kits
unnamed_6582: Sport Club do Recife GK kits
unnamed_6583: Sport Club do Recife Home and Away kits
unnamed_6584: Atletico Goianiense GK kits
unnamed_6585: Atletico Goianiense Home and Away kits
unnamed_6586: PEC Zwolle GK kits
unnamed_6587: PEC Zwolle Home and Away kits
unnamed_6588: Internacional GK kits
unnamed_6589: Internacional Home and Away kits
unnamed_6590: Bayern Munchen GK kits
unnamed_6591: Bayern Munchen Home and Away kits
unnamed_6592: Scotland GK kits
unnamed_6593: Scotland Home and Away kits
unnamed_6594: Turkey GK kits
unnamed_6595: Turkey Home and Away kits
unnamed_6596: Real Betis GK kits
unnamed_6597: Real Betis Home and Away kits
unnamed_6598: Ghana GK kits
unnamed_6599: Ghana Home and Away kits
unnamed_6600: Atletic Bilbao GK kits
unnamed_6601: Atletic Bilbao Home and Away kits
unnamed_6604: Celtic GK kits
unnamed_6605: Celtic Home and Away kits
unnamed_6606: Genoa GK kits
unnamed_6607: Genoa Home and Away kits
unnamed_6748: Germany GK kits
unnamed_6749: Germany Home and Away kits
unnamed_6812: Flamengo LIBERTADORES GK kits
unnamed_6813: Flamengo LIBERTADORES Home and Away kits
unnamed_6814: Fluminense LIBERTADORES GK kits
unnamed_6815: Fluminense LIBERTADORES Home and Away kits
unnamed_6816: Fluminense LIBERTADORES GK kits
unnamed_6817: Fluminense LIBERTADORES Home and Away kits
unnamed_6816: Internacional LIBERTADORES GK kits
unnamed_6817: Internacional LIBERTADORES Home and Away kits
unnamed_6818: Santos LIBERTADORES GK kits
unnamed_6819: Santos LIBERTADORES Home and Away kits
unnamed_6872: UEFA patches and Armbands

unnamed_590: Keeper gloves
unnamed_2645/2845 coach japan
unnamed_2646/2846 coach Korea DPR
unnamed_2649/2849 coach Korea Republic
unnamed_2657/2857 coach egypt
unnamed_2661/2861 coach real madrid,germany,portugal
unnamed_2662/2862 coach liverpool
unnamed_2663/2863 coach barcelona,ac milan
unnamed_2664/2864 coach juventus,france
unnamed_2665/2865 coach brazil,benfica,tottenham
unnamed_2671/2871 coach manchester united,england,bayern munich,inter milan
unnamed_2672/2872 coach arsenal
unnamed_2674/2874 coach chelsea,PSG,wigan
unnamed_2677/2877 coach newcastle united

dt0f: [After DLC 1.0]
unnamed_351: coach suit (summer)
unnamed_352: coach suit (winter)
unnamed_354: assistent suit
unnamed_356: assistent suit
unnamed_359: assistent suit
unnamed_360: assistent suit
unnamed_363: assistent suit
unnamed_364: assistent suit
unnamed_1708: Replay Logo Super Cup HD
unnamed_1709: Replay Logo Super Cup SD
unnamed_1967: stadium preview
unnamed_1968: Stadium preview
unnamed_1969: Stadium preview
unnamed_1973: Ball names
unnamed_1975: Players stats
unnamed_1979: Team names
unnamed_1982: League structure
unnamed_1983: Kits relink and Config
unnamed_2719: Adboards
unnamed_2731: Security & Press men
unnamed_2734: Security & Press men
unnamed_2737: Security & Press men
unnamed_2738: Nationalities flags
unnamed_2739: Teams emblems and logos
unnamed_2819: corinthians gk kits
unnamed_2820: corinthians player kits
unnamed_2821: flamengo gk kits
unnamed_2822: flamengo player kits

#National Anthems
unnamed_2: IRELAND Anthem
unnamed_3: ENGLAND Anthem
unnamed_4: PORTuGAL Anthem
unnamed_5: SPAIN Anthem
unnamed_6: FRANCE Anthem
unnamed_7: NETHERLANDS Anthem
unnamed_8: SWITZERLAND Anthem
unnamed_9: ITALY Anthem
unnamed_10: CZECH REPuBLIC Anthem
unnamed_11: GERMANY Anthem
unnamed_12: DENMARK Anthem
unnamed_13: NORWAY Anthem
unnamed_14: SWEDEN Anthem
unnamed_15: POLAND Anthem
unnamed_16: SLOVAKIA Anthem
unnamed_17: AuSTRIA Anthem
unnamed_18: SLOVENIA Anthem
unnamed_19: CROATIA Anthem
unnamed_20: BuLGARIA Anthem
unnamed_21: GREECE Anthem
unnamed_22: TuRKEY Anthem
unnamed_23: uKRAINE Anthem
unnamed_24: RuSSIA Anthem
unnamed_25: SOuTH AFRICA Anthem
unnamed_26: uNITED STATES Anthem
unnamed_27: MEXICO Anthem
unnamed_28: HONDuRAS Anthem
unnamed_29: BRAZIL Anthem
unnamed_30: CHILE Anthem
unnamed_31: PARAGuAY Anthem
unnamed_32: uRuGuAY Anthem
unnamed_33: ARGENTINA Anthem
unnamed_34: ECuADOR Anthem
unnamed_35: JAPAN Anthem
unnamed_36: SOuTH KOREA Anthem
unnamed_37: SAuDI ARABIA Anthem
unnamed_38: AuSTRALIA Anthem
unnamed_39: uAE Anthem
unnamed_40: ALGERIA Anthem
unnamed_41: CANADA Anthem
unnamed_42: VENEZuELA Anthem
unnamed_43: NEW ZEALAND Anthem
unnamed_44: ISRAEL Anthem
unnamed_46: SERBIA Anthem
#Club Anthems 1
unnamed_99: FC BARCELONA Anthem
unnamed_100: REAL MADRID Anthem
unnamed_101: VALENCIA CF Anthem
unnamed_102: RC DEPORTIVO Anthem
unnamed_103: AT. MADRID Anthem
unnamed_104: REAL BETIS Anthem
unnamed_105: CELTA DE VIGO Anthem
unnamed_106: REAL SOCIEDAD Anthem
unnamed_107: ATHLETIC CLuB Anthem
unnamed_108: RCD ESPANYOL Anthem
unnamed_109: MÁLAGA CF Anthem
unnamed_110: RCD MALLORCA Anthem
unnamed_111: CA OSASuNA Anthem
unnamed_112: SEVILLA FC Anthem
unnamed_113: REAL VALLADOLID Anthem
unnamed_114: REAL ZARAGOZA Anthem
unnamed_115: GETAFE CF Anthem
unnamed_116: LEVANTE uD Anthem
unnamed_117: RAYO VALLECANO Anthem
unnamed_118: GRANADA CF Anthem

#Club Anthems 2
unnamed_119: FC BARCELONA Anthem
unnamed_120: REAL MADRID Anthem
unnamed_121: VALENCIA CF Anthem
unnamed_122: RC DEPORTIVO Anthem
unnamed_123: AT. MADRID Anthem
unnamed_124: REAL BETIS Anthem
unnamed_125: CELTA DE VIGO Anthem
unnamed_126: REAL SOCIEDAD Anthem
unnamed_127: ATHLETIC CLuB Anthem
unnamed_128: RCD ESPANYOL Anthem
unnamed_129: MÁLAGA CF Anthem
unnamed_130: RCD MALLORCA Anthem
unnamed_131: CA OSASuNA Anthem
unnamed_132: SEVILLA FC Anthem
unnamed_133: REAL VALLADOLID Anthem
unnamed_134: REAL ZARAGOZA Anthem
unnamed_135: GETAFE CF Anthem
unnamed_136: LEVANTE uD Anthem
unnamed_137: RAYO VALLECANO Anthem
unnamed_138: GRANADA CF Anthem

unnamed_448: IRELAND Chants
unnamed_449: SCOTLAND Chants
unnamed_450: SCOTLAND Chants
unnamed_451: WALES Chants
unnamed_452: WALES Chants
unnamed_453: ENGLAND Chants
unnamed_454: ENGLAND Chants
unnamed_455: ENGLAND Chants
unnamed_456: ENGLAND Chants
unnamed_457: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_458: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_459: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_460: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_461: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_462: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_463: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_464: FRANCE Chants
unnamed_465: FRANCE Chants
unnamed_466: FRANCE Chants
unnamed_467: FRANCE Chants
unnamed_468: FRANCE Chants
unnamed_469: NETHERLANDS Chants
unnamed_470: NETHERLANDS Chants
unnamed_471: NETHERLANDS Chants
unnamed_472: NETHERLANDS Chants
unnamed_473: ITALY Chants
unnamed_474: CZECH REPuBLIC Chants
unnamed_475: CZECH REPuBLIC Chants
unnamed_476: GERMANY Chants
unnamed_477: GERMANY Chants
unnamed_478: GERMANY Chants
unnamed_479: GERMANY Chants
unnamed_480: GERMANY Chants
unnamed_481: DENMARK Chants
unnamed_482: DENMARK Chants
unnamed_483: DENMARK Chants
unnamed_484: DENMARK Chants
unnamed_485: CROATIA Chants
unnamed_486: CROATIA Chants
unnamed_487: CROATIA Chants
unnamed_488: CROATIA Chants
unnamed_489: CROATIA Chants
unnamed_490: BuLGARIA Chants
unnamed_491: BuLGARIA Chants
unnamed_492: RuSSIA Chants
unnamed_493: UNITED STATES Chants
unnamed_494: UNITED STATES Chants
unnamed_495: UNITED STATES Chants
unnamed_496: UNITED STATES Chants
unnamed_497: UNITED STATES Chants
unnamed_498: MEXICO Chants
unnamed_499: MEXICO Chants
unnamed_500: BRAZIL Chants
unnamed_501: BRAZIL Chants
unnamed_502: BRAZIL Chants
unnamed_503: BRAZIL Chants
unnamed_504: uRuGuAY Chants
unnamed_505: ARGENTINA Chants
unnamed_506: ARGENTINA Chants
unnamed_507: ARGENTINA Chants
unnamed_508: ARGENTINA Chants
unnamed_509: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_510: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_511: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_512: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_513: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_514: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_515: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_516: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_517: SOuTH KOREA Chants
unnamed_518: SOuTH KOREA Chants
unnamed_519: SOuTH KOREA Chants
unnamed_520: SOuTH KOREA Chants
unnamed_521: SOuTH KOREA Chants
unnamed_522: CHINA Chants
unnamed_523: CHINA Chants
unnamed_524: CHINA Chants
unnamed_525: IRAN Chants
unnamed_526: IRAN Chants
unnamed_527: IRAN Chants
unnamed_528: IRAN Chants
unnamed_529: IRAN Chants
unnamed_530: SAuDI ARABIA Chants
unnamed_531: SAuDI ARABIA Chants
unnamed_532: SAuDI ARABIA Chants
unnamed_533: SAuDI ARABIA Chants
unnamed_534: SAuDI ARABIA Chants
unnamed_535: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_536: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_537: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_538: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_539: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_540: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_541: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_542: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_543: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_544: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_545: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_546: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_547: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_548: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_549: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_550: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_551: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_552: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_553: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_554: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_555: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_556: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_557: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_558: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_559: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_560: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_561: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_562: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_563: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_564: RC DEPORTIVO Chants
unnamed_565: RC DEPORTIVO Chants
unnamed_566: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_567: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_568: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_569: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_570: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_571: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_572: PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Chants
unnamed_573: PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Chants
unnamed_574: PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Chants
unnamed_575: PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Chants
unnamed_576: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_577: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_578: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_579: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_580: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_581: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_582: AJAX Chants
unnamed_583: AJAX Chants
unnamed_584: AJAX Chants
unnamed_585: AJAX Chants
unnamed_586: AJAX Chants
unnamed_587: AJAX Chants
unnamed_588: PSV Chants
unnamed_589: PSV Chants
unnamed_590: PSV Chants
unnamed_591: PSV Chants
unnamed_592: INTER Chants
unnamed_593: INTER Chants
unnamed_594: INTER Chants
unnamed_595: INTER Chants
unnamed_596: INTER Chants
unnamed_597: INTER Chants
unnamed_598: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_599: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_600: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_601: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_602: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_603: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_604: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_605: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_606: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_607: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_608: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_609: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_610: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_611: S.S. LAZIO Chants
unnamed_612: S.S. LAZIO Chants
unnamed_613: PARMA F.C. Chants
unnamed_614: PARMA F.C. Chants
unnamed_615: ACF FIORENTINA Chants
unnamed_616: ACF FIORENTINA Chants
unnamed_617: ACF FIORENTINA Chants
unnamed_618: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_619: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_620: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_621: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_622: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_623: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_624: FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN Chants
unnamed_625: FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN Chants
unnamed_626: FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN Chants
unnamed_627: CELTIC FC Chants
unnamed_628: CELTIC FC Chants
unnamed_629: CELTIC FC Chants
unnamed_630: CELTIC FC Chants
unnamed_631: FC DYNAMO KYIV Chants
unnamed_632: FC DYNAMO KYIV Chants
unnamed_633: FC DYNAMO KYIV Chants
unnamed_634: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_635: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_636: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_637: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_638: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_639: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_640: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_641: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_642: AT. MADRID Chants
unnamed_643: AT. MADRID Chants
unnamed_644: AT. MADRID Chants
unnamed_645: AT. MADRID Chants
unnamed_646: AT. MADRID Chants
unnamed_647: OLYMPIQuE LYONNAIS Chants
unnamed_648: OLYMPIQuE LYONNAIS Chants
unnamed_649: OLYMPIQuE LYONNAIS Chants
unnamed_650: OLYMPIQuE LYONNAIS Chants
unnamed_651: OLYMPIQuE LYONNAIS Chants
unnamed_652: BOLOGNA FC Chants
unnamed_653: BOLOGNA FC Chants
unnamed_654: BOLOGNA FC Chants
unnamed_655: A.C. CHIEVO VERONA Chants
unnamed_656: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_657: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_658: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_659: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_660: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_661: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_662: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_663: FC PORTO Chants
unnamed_664: SPORTING Chants
unnamed_665: REAL BETIS Chants
unnamed_666: REAL BETIS Chants
unnamed_667: CELTA DE VIGO Chants
unnamed_668: CELTA DE VIGO Chants
unnamed_669: CELTA DE VIGO Chants
unnamed_670: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_671: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_672: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_673: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_674: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_675: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_676: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_677: FENERBAHÇE SK Chants
unnamed_678: FENERBAHÇE SK Chants
unnamed_679: LOSC LILLE Chants
unnamed_680: LOSC LILLE Chants
unnamed_681: LOSC LILLE Chants
unnamed_682: LOSC LILLE Chants
unnamed_683: LOSC LILLE Chants
unnamed_684: MONTPELLIER HÉRAuLT SC Chants
unnamed_685: MONTPELLIER HÉRAuLT SC Chants
unnamed_686: OGC NICE Chants
unnamed_687: OGC NICE Chants
unnamed_688: STADE RENNAIS FC Chants
unnamed_689: STADE RENNAIS FC Chants
unnamed_690: STADE RENNAIS FC Chants
unnamed_691: STADE RENNAIS FC Chants
unnamed_692: STADE RENNAIS FC Chants
unnamed_693: FC SOCHAuX-MONTBÉLIARD Chants
unnamed_694: FC SOCHAuX-MONTBÉLIARD Chants
unnamed_695: FC SOCHAuX-MONTBÉLIARD Chants
unnamed_696: TOuLOuSE FC Chants
unnamed_697: TOuLOuSE FC Chants
unnamed_698: TOuLOuSE FC Chants
unnamed_699: TOuLOuSE FC Chants
unnamed_700: TOuLOuSE FC Chants
unnamed_701: U.S.C. PALERMO Chants
unnamed_702: AZ Chants
unnamed_703: AZ Chants
unnamed_704: AZ Chants
unnamed_705: AZ Chants
unnamed_706: FC GRONINGEN Chants
unnamed_707: SC HEERENVEEN Chants
unnamed_708: SC HEERENVEEN Chants
unnamed_709: SC HEERENVEEN Chants
unnamed_710: SC HEERENVEEN Chants
unnamed_711: NAC BREDA Chants
unnamed_712: FC TWENTE Chants
unnamed_713: VITESSE Chants
unnamed_714: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_715: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_716: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_717: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_718: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_719: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_720: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_721: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_722: RCD ESPANYOL Chants
unnamed_723: RCD ESPANYOL Chants
unnamed_724: MÁLAGA CF Chants
unnamed_725: MÁLAGA CF Chants
unnamed_726: MÁLAGA CF Chants
unnamed_727: RCD MALLORCA Chants
unnamed_728: RCD MALLORCA Chants
unnamed_729: RCD MALLORCA Chants
unnamed_730: RCD MALLORCA Chants
unnamed_731: RCD MALLORCA Chants
unnamed_732: CA OSASuNA Chants
unnamed_733: CA OSASuNA Chants
unnamed_734: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_735: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_736: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_737: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_738: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_739: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_740: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_741: REAL VALLADOLID Chants
unnamed_742: REAL VALLADOLID Chants
unnamed_743: REAL VALLADOLID Chants
unnamed_744: REAL VALLADOLID Chants
unnamed_745: REAL VALLADOLID Chants
unnamed_746: REAL ZARAGOZA Chants
unnamed_747: REAL ZARAGOZA Chants
unnamed_748: REAL ZARAGOZA Chants
unnamed_749: CLuB BRuGGE KV Chants
unnamed_750: AEK ATHENS FC Chants
unnamed_751: AEK ATHENS FC Chants
unnamed_752: CRuZEIRO Chants
unnamed_753: CALCIO CATANIA Chants
unnamed_754: CALCIO CATANIA Chants
unnamed_755: GENOA CFC Chants
unnamed_756: GENOA CFC Chants
unnamed_757: GENOA CFC Chants
unnamed_758: GENOA CFC Chants
unnamed_759: GENOA CFC Chants
unnamed_760: S.S.C. NAPOLI Chants
unnamed_761: S.S.C. NAPOLI Chants
unnamed_762: S.S.C. NAPOLI Chants
unnamed_763: GETAFE CF Chants
unnamed_764: GETAFE CF Chants
unnamed_765: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_766: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_767: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_768: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_769: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_770: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_771: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_772: RAYO VALLECANO Chants
unnamed_773: RAYO VALLECANO Chants
unnamed_774: RAYO VALLECANO Chants
unnamed_775: RAYO VALLECANO Chants
unnamed_776: RAYO VALLECANO Chants
unnamed_777: FC LORIENT Chants
unnamed_778: FC LORIENT Chants
unnamed_779: FC LORIENT Chants
unnamed_780: AS NANCY LORRAINE Chants
unnamed_781: AS NANCY LORRAINE Chants
unnamed_782: AS NANCY LORRAINE Chants
unnamed_783: AS NANCY LORRAINE Chants
unnamed_784: AS NANCY LORRAINE Chants
unnamed_785: AS SAINT-ETIENNE Chants
unnamed_786: AS SAINT-ETIENNE Chants
unnamed_787: AS SAINT-ETIENNE Chants
unnamed_788: AS SAINT-ETIENNE Chants
unnamed_789: AS SAINT-ETIENNE Chants
unnamed_790: FC ZENIT ST. PETERSBuRG Chants
unnamed_791: SC CORINTHIANS Chants
unnamed_792: SC CORINTHIANS Chants
unnamed_793: SC CORINTHIANS Chants
unnamed_794: SC CORINTHIANS Chants
unnamed_795: CR FLAMENGO Chants
unnamed_796: CR FLAMENGO Chants
unnamed_797: CR FLAMENGO Chants
unnamed_798: CR FLAMENGO Chants
unnamed_799: CR FLAMENGO Chants
unnamed_800: FLuMINENSE FC Chants
unnamed_801: GRÊMIO Chants
unnamed_802: GRÊMIO Chants
unnamed_803: GRÊMIO Chants
unnamed_804: SANTOS FC Chants
unnamed_805: SANTOS FC Chants
unnamed_806: SÃO PAuLO Chants
unnamed_807: SÃO PAuLO Chants
unnamed_808: STADE BRESTOIS 29 Chants
unnamed_809: VALENCIENNES FC Chants
unnamed_810: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_811: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_812: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_813: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_814: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_815: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_816: EVIAN THONON GAILLARD Chants
unnamed_817: EVIAN THONON GAILLARD Chants
unnamed_818: EVIAN THONON GAILLARD Chants
unnamed_819: EVIAN THONON GAILLARD Chants
unnamed_820: EVIAN THONON GAILLARD Chants
unnamed_3056: Europa League Font
unnamed_2678/2878 coach manchester city

unnamed_1: sleeve patch LIBERTADORES "Invisible"
unnamed_2: sleeve patch UEFA CL
unnamed_3: sleeve patch UEFA CL FINALE
unnamed_4: sleeve patch UEFA EL
unnamed_5: sleeve patch UEFA EL FINALE
unnamed_6: sleeve patch UEFA SUPER CUP
unnamed_7: sleeve patch PREMIER League "Invisible"
unnamed_8: sleeve patch EREDIVISIE
unnamed_9: sleeve patch NETHERLANDS CUP
unnamed_10: sleeve patch LIGUE 1
unnamed_11: sleeve patch COUPE DE FRANCE
unnamed_12: sleeve patch SERIA A "Invisible"
unnamed_13: sleeve patch LIGA BBVA
unnamed_14: sleeve patch PES LEAGUE "Invisible"
unnamed_15: sleeve patch PES CUP "Invisible"
unnamed_16: sleeve patch WE LEAGUE "Invisible"
unnamed_17: sleeve patch WE CUP "Invisible"
unnamed_18: sleeve patch MONTPELLIER CHAMPIONS LIGUE 1
unnamed_19: sleeve patch INTERNATIONAL CUP "Invisible"
unnamed_20: sleeve patch SOUTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP"Invisible"
unnamed_22: Ball names (unnamed_1973 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_23: City names for Football Life
unnamed_24: Nations Names for Football Life
unnamed_26: Players stats list (unnamed_1975 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_28: Team relink Home stadium
unnamed_29: Boots stats list
unnamed_31: Team Names (dt04) = (unnamed_1979 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_34: League Structure = (unnamed_1982 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_35: Kits relink and Config = (unnamed_1983 dt0f after DLC 1.0
unnamed_39: Libertadores team names
unnamed_45: England league logo
unnamed_46: Ieague 1 logo
unnamed_47: Italian league logo
unnamed_48: Eeredivisie logo
unnamed_49: Liga BBVA logo
unnamed_50: Pes league logo
unnamed_51: Portuguese league logo
unnamed_52: Brasilian league logo
unnamed_53: Uefa champions league logo
unnamed_54: Libertadores logo
unnamed_55: England cup logo
unnamed_56: France cup logo
unnamed_57: Italian cup logo
unnamed_58: Nederlands cup logo
unnamed_59: Spain cup logo
unnamed_60: Pes cup logo
unnamed_61: Portuguese cup logo
unnamed_62: Brasilian cup logo
unnamed_63: European cup logo
unnamed_64: African cup logo
unnamed_65: American cup logo
unnamed_66: Asian cup logo
unnamed_67: International cup logo
unnamed_68: Europa league logo
unnamed_69: Super cup logo
unnamed_70: Konami cup logo
unnamed_71: WE league logo
unnamed_72: WE cup logo
unnamed_73: South american championship logo
unnamed_75: blur during gameplay
unnamed_76: nationalites emblems (not used after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_77: Teams emblems and logos (not used after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_82: national_flag
unnamed_83: emblem

dt05_x (x=e for english, x=f for france, etc)
unnamed_1.bin: licensed leagues names
unnamed_6.bin: master league sponsors
unnamed_38: Exbition Menu font
unnamed_39: Champions League Menu Font
unnamed_40: Europa League Menu Font

unnamed_2 to unnamed_36: Unlicensed Leagues and Cups
unnamed_37: Pes 2012 start screen
unnamed_38: Xbox 360 Pad
unnamed_39: Xbox 360 Pad buttons
unnamed_40: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, power bar
unnamed_41: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_42: Xbox 360 Pad buttons during replay, scoreboard textures
unnamed_43: Xbox 360 Pad buttons during replay, Libertadores scoreboard textures
unnamed_44: Xbox 360 Pad buttons gameplan, gameplan textures
unnamed_45: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_46: Xbox 360 Pad during loading screens
unnamed_47: Xbox 360 Pad during loading screens
unnamed_48: Loading Background, icons
unnamed_49: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_50: Xbox 360 Pad settings
unnamed_51: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_52: Xbox 360 Pad buttons gameplan, gameplan textures
unnamed_53: Xbox 360 Pad settings
unnamed_54: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_55: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, scoreboard textures
unnamed_56: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, Libertadores scoreboard textures
unnamed_57: Background
unnamed_58: Background
unnamed_59: Background
unnamed_66: Champions League Background
unnamed_71: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_72: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_73: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_74: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_77: Pes 2013 Start screen
unnamed_78: Winning Eleven 2013 Start screen
unnamed_79: Winning Eleven 2013 Start screen
unnamed_83: Pes 2012 ads during online matches
unnamed_84: Pes 2012 ads during online matches
unnamed_85: Skills Cards
unnamed_86: Icons
unnamed_87: No data Icon
unnamed_94: Balls selection background
unnamed_95: Balls selection background
unnamed_103: Save Icon
unnamed_107: Credit Logos
unnamed_151: Gameplan icon
unnamed_337: Gameplan
unnamed_342: Gameplan icon
unnamed_775: Konami intro screen
unnamed_1154.bin to unnamed_1214.bin: sponsors logos
unnamed_1262 till unnamed_1308: stadium preview
unnamed_1427: Replay Logo Champions League HD
unnamed_1428: Replay Logo Champions League SD
unnamed_1431: Replay Logo Europa League HD
unnamed_1432: Replay Logo Europa League SD
unnamed_1433: Replay Logo Unknow HD
unnamed_1434: Replay Logo Unknow SD
unnamed_1435: Replay Logo Copa Lebirtadors HD
unnamed_1436: Replay Logo Copa Lebirtadors SD
unnamed_1437: Replay Logo Exbition HD
unnamed_1438: Replay Logo Exbition SD

unnamed_181: Locker Room
unnamed_182: Locker Room
unnamed_183: Locker Room
unnamed_286: Locker Room
unnamed_287: Locker Room
unnamed_347: Agent Coat
unnamed_348: Agent Coat
unnamed_351: Coach Polo
unnamed_352: Coach Jacket
unnamed_363: Coach Coat
unnamed_380: Player Training Kits
unnamed_421: Press Confress Room
unnamed_422: Press Confress Room
unnamed_423: Press Confress Room
unnamed_424: Press Confress Room
unnamed_425: Press Confress Room
unnamed_426: Press Confress Room
unnamed_427: Manager Room
unnamed_428: Manager Room
unnamed_429: Manager Room
unnamed_430: Manager Room
unnamed_431: Manager Room
unnamed_432: Manager Room
unnamed_368: Referee Yellow suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_369: Referee Red suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_370: Referee Black suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_371: Referee Blue suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_372: Referee Adidas UEFA Green suit
unnamed_373: Referee Adidas UEFA Purple suit
unnamed_374: Referee Adidas UEFA Black suit
unnamed_375: Referee Penality Libertadores Yellow suit
unnamed_376: Referee Penality Libertadores Red suit
unnamed_377: Referee Penality Libertadores Black suit

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