Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Icon Man: Mark VIII - Customize your folder icons easily

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Icon  Man  [Icon Manager]  is the ultimate tool for  customize  your  movies, series, games, and music  folders to  become more  awesome. This tool  automatically  replace  your  folder   icons  with  posters from various online databases.

We hope this tool will help you to customize your folder icons much more easily than before.

  • Mark I
    • 2 Databases : IMDb and TMDb
    • Poster preview
    • .jpg and.ico file automatically hidden
    • Clear all .jpg, .ico, and .ini files
    • Etc.
  •  Mark II
    •  Fix cmd.exe
  • Mark III
    • Update TMDb for movies folder "Collcetion"
      • Ex: 300 (Collection) | The Avengers (Collection)
    • Search include subfolders
    • Update attribute files
    • Update icons resource
  • Mark IV
    • Add Indonesian Movies Databases
    • Add registration menu
    • Fix internet connection
  • Mark V
    • Add support for TV Series
    • Remember last folder selected
  • Mark VI
    • Add anime database from MyAnimeList
    • Add option for movie "Collection"
    • Add option to remove item (folder) from list
    • Add reset setting for one item (folder) (clear .ico .jpg .ini files)
    • Fix IMDb
  • Mark VII
    • Add support for Games Icon
    • Add IGDb (Internet Game Database)
    • Add Live Supports
    • Fix IMDb and MyAnimeList
    • Update GUI 
  • Mark VII 
    • Fix TMDb (Movie/Series)
    • Fix MyAnimeList
    • Remove IMDb
    • Remove registration form
    • *****

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