Saturday, 28 September 2013

PES2014 File Loader - alpha

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Version Alpha test :

  • Update FileLoader : Improve loading speed & performance, stability
  • Added new plugin : Songloader.dll (beta) & Speeder.dll (testing)
How to use hca file with Songloader : 
  • Convert .mp3 to .hca with this tool
  • Create sub folder has same name with awb file where hca was storaged.
    • Example : if want to load hca file in BGM.awb, you have to create folder "FileLoader\pes14_snd\common\bgm\BGM.awb\"
  • Put hca file inside that created folder with file name follow formula  : "<trackID>.hca"
    • Example : "58.hca" (later I'll update File Explorer to show track ID inside awb file .)
Note :
  • Don't forget Songloader.dll & Speeder.dll are alpha state (not 100% working), please test if you want to help 

credit : Jenkey1002

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